Introducing Garrius Hudson

Introducing Garrius Hudson

Garrius Hudson is the sort of prospect dreams are made of. He has all of the physical attributes a coach could possibly ask for. On top of that, he's a true student of the game of football, methodically studying film and breaking down opponents. Those are just some of the reasons he's becoming a target for programs around the Southeast.

Garrius Hudson Profile

"Right now I'm hearing from Georgia Tech, Clemson, Louisville, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Auburn and Middle Tennessee," says the up-and-coming defensive tackle prospect. "I don't have any offers yet. It's still early in the early talking phase."

At 6-3 and hovering around 310 lbs., Hudson not only has the size to play the defensive tackle position at the next level, but he also has the strength. As a junior, he's currently benching 305 and squatting 450.

His attributes haven't been lost to coaches around the country, as evidenced by the impressive list of schools who have contacted him so far. Several have already hosted him for junior days.

"I've been to three junior days so far. Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky and I went to Auburn this past Saturday," Hudson tells BRZ.

When it comes to which schools stood out to him during his visit, the answer might come as a surprise to many.

"As far as practice intensity, Western Kentucky really caught my eye. The one that really impressed me though was Middle Tennessee. They really stressed the weight room and that appealed to me," he explains.

Hudson had more positive things to say about the aspects of the Blue Raider campus he saw during his time on campus a few weeks ago.

"Their facilities were top notch. They were real cleaned up and I can see they take pride in how they carry themselves," he says. "During the Spring game they were really technically sound. I looked at the lineman and at my position and they were really explosive. I could tell they were well coached and I really liked it."

That attention to detail is what makes Hudson such a dynamic player. He takes an admittedly studious approach to the game, painstakingly preparing for each opponent.

"I consider the best part of my game to be my intellect," he says. "I study football, I study my opponents and I gameplan. It really gives me my edge and helps me be successful."

Assuming he continues to excel through the Summer and into the 2011 season, it's almost a no-brainer that Hudson will eventually end up with several scholarship offers. As previously stated, his size alone might merit an offer for some programs strapped for size in the middle, but combined with his approach to the game and ability to utilize his physical attributes, Hudson has built himself up to be a bit of a commodity in the recruiting world.

Still, he isn't just looking to sign with the first program to offer him or the one with the best reputation. Hudson maintains that he knows exactly what he's looking for in his future home.

"I'm looking for a program that welcomes in all the new recruits. Somebody who's more than a team, they're a family," he says. "They fit together, they have each other' back and they're one for all on the field. That's what I'm looking for."

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